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How CineFrames Brought The Film Industry Back To Life Through Art

How CineFrames Brought The Film Industry Back To Life Through Art

There was a time, not long ago, where misty mornings were met with uninhabited streets, where the daily beaten pavements were left desolate, where the air hung heavy, silent yet crisp, awaiting for the world to switch back on and be brought back to life.

But locked away, was the creativity that was dying to be set free, to create a new pathway that has yet to be explored.

The inspiration had been bubbling inside for years, not knowing the best way to express themselves, but with a lifetime which had been filled to the brim with music, film and laughter, the foundations had been built.

Let us introduce to you CineFrames, a hybrid world ready to be discovered.

CineFrames’ Drive

As we are all aware, the world is now beginning to open up, to expand outwardly and breathe a sigh of relief. But at one point, we were found to be locked away, our exploratory ways prevented and our creativity bubbling inside ready to implode.

Paintbrushes began to sell out, Amazon deliveries boomed and the world of technology advanced faster by the second.

Yet one thing that so many of us had loved and cherished over the years began to slowly demise over night.

The one place where we found escape, losing ourselves into the mind of another, falling for romance in front of our eyes, hiding behind our hand as the beats of the music began to fasten, silently sobbing over simulated loss.

Spending hours in silence, lost amongst a sea of others, but comforted by the view ahead – whether in the comfort of our own homes or in public.

The cinema & the film industry was where CineFrames drive came from, where the inspiration began.

If we were unable to physically be there, why can we not bring it back to life so much so that another individual can hold something close to them for as long as they like?

This is where Cineframes opening launch idea came from…

CineFrames Opening Launch

CineFrames knew there was something that lay amongst the movie industry which has yet to be unearthed, a series of artwork that brings Cinema back to life in a way nobody had yet to think.

Let us introduce to you…

100 Years Of Cinema

A collection based upon the last 100 years of film.

A collection based on the joy that has been brought to millions through these films.

A collection that has not only taken days, months & years in the making, but a collection that brought a heartbeat back to our artist.

Bridging the gap between technology and art and creating a series that is ever lasting.

Not only is this opening launch available to purchase in physical form, but it lives amongst the ethereum blockchain, a place so magnificent, we had to become a part of it.

A community in all realms.

A community of film buffs.

A community of art lovers.

A community of tech geeks.

Slick, ahead of the times & built on passion.

CineFrames is excited to bring you their initial launch, bringing 100 years of cinema back into our hands, to celebrate the works of arts of the creatives themselves.

But this is just the first, there is so much more to come.

Come along for the ride if you are willing…

All proceeds from the initial launch will be donated directly to War Child UK.

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