Exploring Hybrid Art; Why CineFrames Wants The Best Of Both Worlds

As the digital world continues to expand, it was vital for CineFrames to expand its vision alongside it, exploring the concept and space of Hybrid Art.

The connection between two worlds, both physical and digital. The process and transcendence of a marketplace out of our literal reach. To bring ownership into a new era whilst playing with both creativity and logic all at once.

What started as a passion project, of turning beloved memories of film, TV & gaming into works of art, began to evolve into a new dimension, twisting and turning into something that will soon be available to touch or carry around in the backs of your pockets.

Whilst this concept is relatively new to many, the digital market has been eating it up with millions of dollars spent on one off collectibles, and CineFrames is looking to place ourselves in and amongst those who are soaring.

So What truly is Hybrid Art?

What is Hybrid Art?

A hybrid is a delicate mixture of two or more different elements, coming together to create something new or that is yet to exist.

Within the art world, we have seen a new form of hybrid taking place, bringing together art, science, media in such a way that collaboration has now become one of the most essential pieces to any media success.

Hybridity requires several fields of expertise, skills and talents – such as the the form of logic and creativity or such as an artist and a tech advocate.

Two beautiful elements that provide an opportunity for other interested individuals to get their hands on their own piece of the digital pie.

The formation CineFrames follow is through the utilisation of NFTs.

Originally created as blockchain assets first and later with art bringing its twist into the mix, the art found within the NFT space is known as a collectible, not so much as artwork. Whilst artists are packing a punch on all marketplaces, the art is what the artist does, and once it hits the NFT marketplace, it becomes a collectible.

An Insight Into NFTs & What They Are.

NFTs essentially hold a unique digital signature and each owner, those who purchase the collectible, hold a differentiated and unique code.

An NFT by definition verifies the authenticity of a digital asset. It is non-fungible which means it cannot be traded or replaced with something else.

NFTs run on the blockchain and have unique identifications and data, which allow them to be told apart and never copied. The token itself cannot be traded or exchanged and can only be sold as assets or collection pieces.

For those who are still in the process of understanding NFTs as a whole, they could be something as simple as a screenshot of a tweet, the first ever smiley emoticon created, which was auctioned off by Sotheby’s for less than $20,000, or in our case a series of posters and artworks made up of hundreds if not thousands of smaller images, all pulled together using state of the art technology.

Can You Buy Our NFTs?

Buying your own NFT provides you with the opportunity to own your own blockchain based file with a secure certification of authenticity.

The provenance and ownership of all CineFrames will reside permanently on the blockchain, allowing for the safe purchase and trading of these unique assets.

If you are yet to venture into the world of crypto or NFTs, we would highly recommend you gaining advice from a professional on the best way to purchase an NFT.

However, we will be releasing all our limited edition prints onto the Ethereum Blockchain, where you will be able to purchase one of the few prints being set to release.

We will continue to launch various drops, however, they will only come in limited quantities.

In addition to this, we will be selling physical art of certain prints, which will come with an NFT based certificate.

What’s Next For CineFrames & The Hybrid World?

Continuing on our Hybrid adventure means one thing.


The kind of innovation which simmers silently in the background, but is building up to bring so much new life and creativity into the online marketplace.

Each of our drops will be devised and created by our artist, Vass, who brings their life learnings and loves through digital imagery and advanced technology.

If you would like to find out more or learn to collaborate directly with us, please feel free to contact us via the contact me page.

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