Who is CineFrames?

CineFrames is a digital print and fine-art studio at the intersection of art and technology. Whilst we are currently creating one off, limited edition physical and digital prints, there is a lot more excitement to come. Watch this space.

Who is the CineFrames Artist?

Our lead artist and Head of Studio goes under the name of Vass.

Where does the inspiration arise from?

The inspiration for these limited edition prints came from a life-long love film, TV, music and gaming enthusiasm – with the original series of work being based upon frames taken from iconic films that influenced Vass’s life. Since then, Vass began quietly building a collection of digital assets celebrating further icons of cinema, television, music, sports and video games. The film inspired pieces are called CineFrames.

How can I buy a CineFrame?

CineFrames will be available as both physical and digital prints, with the physical and digital prints available to view online in our gallery pages and purchased through the forthcoming MetaFrames platform at www.metaframes.io

Does CineFrames support charities?

CineFrames is hoping to demonstrate how brands and charities can work together to best support the vulnerable around the world. With our first initial launch being a fully charitable endeavour, we are here to showcase and assure how a single purchase can support a life in a substantial way.

Why are there digital & physical prints?

CineFrames are visually impressive pieces which may be exhibited as mounted and framed artworks and enjoyed by stepping back to see the big picture, and leaning in to take a closer look. They may also be enjoyed in a different way as digital pieces, by zooming in, scrolling around, and zooming out. The interaction is part of the experience.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token or NFT is essentially data added to a digital file that creates a unique digital signature, so, for the first time, people can own a digital file (which is marked with code to differentiate it from any digital replicas). NFTs are an application of the “blockchain”, a decentralised database on the internet.

How can I buy an NFT?

At present we are holding an auction off chain for one-of-a kind CineFrames in aid of War Child. Click here to see the collection and for instructions on how to bid.

Official licensed CineFrames will be available to purchase on the MetaFrames platform (www.metaframes.io)


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